Work Experience:

  • Contract work for RacePak, CSI, Lake Forest, CA, writing extensive data acquisition software, RacePakChart (C++, MFC, CAN) (7 years)
  • Contract work for IMPCO Technologies, Cerritos,CA. Job title: Sr. Engineer, Electronic Control Systems. (C++, MFC, 68332, 80x86 assembler, SCENIX, J1850, Real Time Data Acquisition & Graphics, Control Systems Engineering, Fuzzy Logic) (8 years).
  • Contract work for ISUZU Tech. Center of America - (C++, 386/486 assembler, Real Time Data Acquisition & Graphics) (4 years)
  • Work as Programmer-Analyst for Schenck-Pegasus Corp, Troy, MI - company mainly involved in Automatic Test Engineering -. Originally hired as an application engineer, within one year I was advanced to the position of main designer of software for the newest product and successfully completed it (80386, 8086, C, Pascal, Real Time, Data Acquisition) (2 years).
  • Contract work for Engine Electronics Inc., Walnut, CA. (Z8, 8086, C++) (2 years).
  • Consulting work for Air Sensors Inc., Seattle, WA. (C++, 80386, 68332, 68HC11) (2 years).


  • Graduate studies in Computer Science (Poland). (3.90 GPA) Received twice (unprecedented) Polish Minister of Science scholarship for 100 best students and scientists in the country.

Knowledge of Computer Languages:

  • C++(10 years) and C (13 years) (with extensive assembler parts) - languages of choice, all aspects of internal structure, assembler interfacing, MS Windows, Visual C++, MFC. Dedicated to Object-Oriented Programming, have been doing it even before the C++ compilers became available. Now taking full advantage of newest C++ standard ISO/IEC 14882
  • I also know (I have written large programs) in following languages PASCAL, FORTRAN, BASIC, 80x86-real and protected modes, Z8, Z80, 68HC11, 68332, 8051, SCENIX, MICROCHIP. 
  • Some Java, HTML, CGI, WWW development.

Knowledge of Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 - application and DLL programming, Visual C++ and MFC programming, administration, socket programming
  • Some Linux, KDE, GNU C++, administration, firewall/proxy programming
  • My own embedded OS-like tools for embedded applications (68332, PowerPC, 8051, 68HC11).

Knowledge of Electronic Hardware:

  • All aspects of Real-Time, high speed Graphics and Data Acquisition. I have comprehensive knowledge of computer IO hardware devices. Modeling, Simulation, Digital Control, etc.
  • Knowledge of real-time automotive control busses: CAN, CCP, J1850
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Digital and Analog Electronics. I am capable of designing electronic circuits and I frequently used that knowledge in my previous assignments.
  • Full knowledge of IBM PC, PS/2 hardware. I am able to build custom boards for data acquisition and communications ( DMA, Interrupts, network controllers, DSPs, ADCs, DACs, IO boards, Signal Conditioning Modules).
  • Extensive knowledge of PC hardware boards & embedded systems design (monitors, hardware testing routines, basic IO systems, communications, etc.) Use of AI techniques in control applications, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Nets.


                     On request

Recent Projects:

  • List and description of recent projects on my web site
  • I can give a demo of all my software personally to parties interested in my services.