MCC-24 Pocket Data Acquisition

Year of completion:  1993
Purchased/Utilized By:
Mail Order, Catalog Sales
  Data Acquisition

Device for acquiring analog data through printer parallel port. Convenient to use with a notebook or laptop computer. Needs no batteries -- with most computers powers itself from the parallel port signals. Fits in the palm of a hand for ultimate portability.

High Throughput and Accuracy

Achieve system throughputs up to 15kHz. A/D converter speed 60kHz, limited to 15kHz by the parallel port. Record up to 8 channels. 12 bit resolution and accuracy with extremely low temperature drift.

Software Support:

Supplied libraries: Microsoft C/C++ libraries, all memory models, Borland C/C++ libraries, all memory models, Microsoft Quick Basic, Borland Turbo-Pascal, Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library - can be called from any Windows environment - programming languages and macro-languages) -- easily acquire data into C, C++, Visual Basic, or any other Windows programs. All libraries and supported data acquisition products allow selection of any sequence and any number of channels. Timing is programmable with 5usec accuracy.

When used with Modular Computer Concepts PC Strip-Chart it turns into smallest, most convenient strip-chart recorder. Can also be used it with Modular Computer Concepts Acquisition Excel to acquire data directly into your Excel spreadsheet.