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  • Project-based consulting
  • C++, C, assembler programming for Windows and Linux
  • Embedded control systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Real-time
  • Industrial control engineering
  • Electronics design
  • Control networks and busses
  • Automotive electronics, busses, and diagnostics protocols
  • Etc.

For most assignments I am able to correctly quote the complete cost if clear specification of the end goal can be given. Whenever possible, I prefer being compensated on the basis of achieving specific goal and not on per hour basis. Programming is unlike most other areas of engineering -- the right method of doing things can often reduce the effort needed to accomplish the end goals ten-fold or better. Compensating programmers for the time spent rather than concrete results attracts wrong people and often leads to inefficient, ugly software that takes forever to finish and requires constant maintenance.

My recently completed project, RacePakChart, is the best example of success of the above philosophy. This software delivers unprecedented set of data presentation features for demanding market of professional auto racing and very successfully competes against products from much bigger companies with much larger resources -- Pi Technology. Relatively small investment into this software allowed my customer, RacePak - Competition Data Systems, end up with all features the racing market could use and previously only dreamt about.

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