Acquisition Excel

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Year of completion: 1991
Purchased/Utilized By: Mail Order, Catalog Sales
Data Acquisition

Engineers working with real time data often like to use spreadsheets to process the data. They use some data-acquisition software to collect the data, then they convert it to the comma-separated values ASCII file that can be imported to a spreadsheet, import it in, and use spreadsheet capabilities to process it.

Acquisition Excel is an add-on to Microsoft Excel allowing collecting real-time data directly into a spreadsheet – real time data get read from hardware and placed into the selected range of cells in the spreadsheets. Many data acquisition boards are supported.

Acquisition Excel supports all popular data acquisition boards. It is a 16-bit Windows 3.1 software, complete with installation software and on-line help. The main portion of the software is a DLL written with Microsoft Excel development kit.