RacePakChart -- Universal Data Acquisition/Control/Calibration

Year of completion: 2002 (New Releases still being created)
Purchased/Utilized By:
Competition Systems Inc. (RacePak),Lake Forest, CA
Application:  Data Acquisition in Auto-Racing

RacePakChart is an adaptation of the previous project, Win32-Cal to professional auto-racing. It is still a universal data acquisition/control package -- it can work with any data acquisition/control hardware, it can collect/output data from/to many different sources (including through remote radio connections), perform calculation on them, and present them in many different, application specific forms.

The software is written in a way that allows the users themselves to adapt it to custom applications. In spite of the fact that it is very elaborate software, it is still easy to use. Technically-sophisticated users can easily adapt the software to their custom needs, while the less sophisticated users were able to use the software (pre-configured for them) without any training.

All advanced data acquisition/control features of the previous Win32-Cal software were directly ported to RacePakChart. 


In addition to features ported from Win32-Cal RacePakChart offers sophisticated data base features (for collecting and organizing session/run data) and for presenting both the real-time and the data-base data in any graphical form desirable. This universal user configurable presentation software is referred to as UniLog.

Using UniLog language, custom pages can be created that can include:

  • Data entry fields
  • Selection boxes
  • Click buttons performing various actions
  • List/Enumeration boxes
  • Directory selection boxes
  • Pictures
  • Videos synchronized with real-time data
  • Animations
  • Calculations
  • Spreadsheets / elaborate tables for displaying and editing data
  • Gauges
  • Time Charts and X-Y Charts
  • Bar-Graphs

The UniLog language simply provides means for displaying and changing any information available in the given session/run file. Real time data can be displayed as changing readouts, as gauges, or as different frames of videos or animations.

The values displayed can either be taken out of the database, retrieved from the real-time data, or calculated using any mathematical formulas.

Inability to perform custom mathematical, statistical, or spreadsheet calculations is serious shortage of many data acquisition packages. Since relatively little can be learnt from looking at raw real time data, users of data acquisition packages are often forced to port real-time data into spreadsheet programs in order to perform needed calculations. This is a cumbersome process, especially if it has to be done with many different files/runs.

RacePakChart solves these problems completely. All mathematical/statistical calculations can be performed within RacePakChart. Likewise, the results can be displayed in any required application specific format.

Properly configured for a specific application, RacePakChart can acquire data, process it, and present ready-to-print mathematical/statistical/diagnostic/calibration reports.

In spite of the fact that RacePakChart has been introduced fairly recently, it enjoyed enormous success in the auto-racing market. Up until now, the auto-racers had to purchase separate data-acquisition, data-base, statistical, calibration packages. RacePakChart put all these different software packages into one piece of software, eliminating the need to constantly shuffle data back and forth between different packages.

The standard set of configurations supplied with the software to the racing market customers includes UniLog screens that display fuel, clutch, driver performance statistics, and screens with custom hardware configurations. The customers can use these screens/configurations as they are, modify them for different needs, or create new screens, configurations from scratch.