Most Recent Projects


RacePakChart  Universal data acquisition software supporting RacePak racing data acquisition hardware
V-Net Plug-And-Play Universal CAN Bus
Win32-Cal Universal data acquisition, control, and calibration software supporting popular PC data acquisition cards
Gas Mass Sensor Calibration Bench Software/Hardware for production automatic end-line testing, calibrating, and programming of gas mass sensors
Class2- SAE J1850 Software Full implementation of ECU-side J1850 protocol including SAE core and General Motors engineering/programming extensions. Support for both static and dynamic DPIDs
SAE J1850 IBM PC Interface Box Interface chip for connecting PC to the J1850 bus. Software drivers for using the box with universal MCC data acquisition packages
MCC-24 Pocket data acquisition hardware
PC Calibrator Software for supporting development and calibration of automotive ECUs
Acquisition Excel Extensions to Microsoft Excel allowing acquiring data directly into a spreadsheet
PC Strip-Chart Strip chart software for the PC
Fuzzy Logic Demo Evaluation software demonstrating fuzzy logic capabilities
Calibration Compiler Tool for editing calibration tables and calibration variables in engineering units
Commodity Market Trading Software Tool for trading commodities (recommending moves, maintaining portfolio, calculation of current portfolio value, and sending it to a pager)