Gas Mass Sensor Testing/Calibration Bench

Year of completion: 1997

Purchased/Utilized By: IMPCO Technologies, Cerritos, CA

                                     IMPCO Technologies, Irvine, CA
Application: Control of Industrial Equipment, Data Acquisition

Project contracted by IMPCO Technologies Inc., Cerritos, California. This Windows 95 software was written using Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 and Microsoft Foundation Classes. The purpose of the software is to assist IMPCO in manufacturing a hot-wire gas mass sensor/gas valve component. The operator installs a newly manufactured component and the tester software written by me does the following:

  • Testing functionality of the sensor’s on-board electronic circuitry and processor
  • Bootstrap loading the sensor’s software into a blank (non-programmed) processor
  • Testing/validating functionality of the valve
  • Testing for optimal sensor bridge calibration, calculating needed values
  • Characterizing the sensor, building the calibration tables
  • Building new, custom code for the component under test, programming it into the sensor’s processor
  • Building database of tests for statistical/QA purposes
  • Charting software for engineering maintenance (not completed yet)

The tester software required extensive support for non-standard PC hardware. This was implemented by means of universal class library. Modules (device drivers) were written for utilizing the following hardware:

  • Am9315 Timer Counter, Digital IO Board
  • CIO-DAS16/330 Analog Inputs Board
  • RTI802 Analog Outputs Board
  • 68HC811 access through custom 11500bps interface